What to Wear!

Orientation: August 30th & 31st at 6:00 pm (Thomas Building) 

Dress Code: Casual.

This is just an information session to talk about the different events you are required to go to and what to expect. Tee shirts, jeans, shorts etc. would be fine. You will be given your recruitment shirt that you will wear for open houses, and also meet your Pi Chi groups!

Open Houses:September 1st, 2nd and 4th (Sorority Suites)

Dress Code: Casual

During this round you are required to wear your recruitment shirt, but shorts shoes and jewelry is all up to you! A nice pair of white, patterned or jean shorts would be acceptable.

First Rounds:September 5-7th (Sorority Suites)

Dress Code: Dressy-er casual

Potential new members should dress casually, but cute.  Try to wear nice sandals (not flip flops) and a cute top and bottom. A cute top, dressy shorts or a skirt would be good! Remember always look nice, try to stay away from low cut tops and really short shorts.  Look nice, but also remember to be comfortable!

Second Rounds:September 8th-10th (Sorority Suites) 

Dress Code: Dress and nice shoes

For second rounds, the attire is dressier with sundresses or nice skirts and blouses. Sandals, flats or wedges are recommended.

Preference DaySeptember 11th(Sorority Suites) 

Dress Code: Semi-formal dresses and heels

Preference day is the most formal round of recruitment. Most girls will be wearing dresses and nude or colored heels. Try to avoid black because most of the sisters choose black dresses as their theme on pref night!

Bid Day:September 12th begins at 5:00 p.m.(Old Main Lawn)

Dress Code: Casual

Choose something comfortable and cute because you will be taking lots of pictures and hanging out with your new sisters afterwards! Jeans or shorts and nice sandals would be fine.

For more ideas on what to wear visit our Pinterest page!!

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  1. I am a little confused, as the dates provided here for the events are different from those on the calendar. I was just curious as to which are correct.

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