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During the recruitment process, it is strongly advised that all participants wear a warm jacket and comfortable shoes when traveling to and from recruitment events. Please keep in mind recruitment is taking place during the middle of winter. In case of any extreme or inclement weather, everyone is advised to dress as warmly and comfortably as possible REGARDLESS of the dress code. Additionally, other arrangements or suggestions may be made to ensure the safety of all women participating in recruitment.

Orientation: January 18th
Dress Code: Casual
This is just an information session to talk about the different events you are required to go to and what to expect.The dress attire for recruitment orientation is very casual and comfortable, such as leggings, jeans, and t-shirts.

Open Houses: January 19th-20th
Dress Code: Casual
For the first two days of recruitment, Potential New Members will be required to wear the t-shirt provided to them at orientation. This t-shirt may not be altered. Due to colder weather, you may want to wear a cardigan or jacket. You can wear jeans or pants on the bottom and any kind of shoes. Remember to keep it appropriate and comfortable because you will be walking to all the sorority suites!

First Rounds: January 21st-22nd
Dress Code: Dressy Casual
Potential New Members should dress casually, but neatly. Try to wear nice shoes or booties and a cute top and bottom. A nice sweater, pants, or even a skirt with tights underneath would be perfect! We recommend staying away from low cut tops and really short skirts. Look nice, but also remember to be comfortable and warm!

Second Rounds: January 23rd-26th
Dress Code: Dressy
For second rounds, the attire is dressier with dresses, jumpsuits, or nice pants, skirts and blouses. Booties or boots are recommended. We also recommend wearing tights under dresses or skirts due to cold weather.

Preference Day: January 27th
Dress Code: Semi-formal dresses and heels
Preference day is the most formal round of recruitment. Most girls will be wearing cocktail-type dresses with stockings, or jumpsuits and nude or colored heels or booties. It is recommended that you bring and wear a comfortable pair of shoes when traveling to and from recruitment parties as well as a jacket to keep warm!

Bid Day: January 28th
Dress Code: Casual
The dress attire for bid day is casual. You can wear jeans or pants and a t-shirt or tank. Once you meet your sorority, you will be given a shirt to wear for the rest of the day’s celebrations. Please remember to bring a jacket incase you need to travel outdoors for any reason!

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6 thoughts on “What to Wear

  1. I am a little confused, as the dates provided here for the events are different from those on the calendar. I was just curious as to which are correct.

  2. Does each girl end up being in a sorority if they go through the whole recruitment process? If they don’t get their first pick, are they guarenteed their second?

    1. Hello! If women go through our recruitment process and on Preference Night rank both of their final 2 sororities, they are guaranteed a bid!

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