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Panhellenic can open up new opportunities for you in friendship, philanthropy, leadership and scholarship.

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Why Go Greek: Emily Onorato

  “Before I ever stepped foot on Penn State’s campus, I knew I was interested in sorority life.  My sister, mother, and grandmother were all sorority women during their collegiate years – so my interest was sparked from an early age.  Since receiving my bid, I have only benefitted from being a member of Penn […]

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Why Go Greek: Nicole Rocchio

  “I decided to rush because the girls who I met from sororities told me they never woke up and regretted their decision. But, the girls who I had met that didn’t rush, did regret it. Finding a place you belong, with girls who share similar values, is something valuable when entering a new stage […]

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Why Go Greek: Marisa Cutillo

  “Coming in to my freshman year at pennstate I knew i wanted to get involved around campus, so what better way to do that than go through sorority recruitment? Joining a sorority not only gave me the opportunity to volunteer and take on multiple leadership positions, but most importantly, I developed relationships that will […]

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Why Go Greek: Kathleen Rowan

  “I truthfully wasn’t planning on joining a sorority when I got to college. An old friend convinced me to give it a try and see what going greek had to offer. One day into recruitment, I was sold. I could tell that the friendships these women had were sincere and lifelong. Once I joined […]

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Why Go Greek: Maddy Marold

  “Coming to Penn State from Kentucky was a huge adjustment, and I did not know anyone else at school. I decided to go through recruitment because many of my friends at other schools told me how it was such a great experience for them, and I wanted to make my big school feel smaller. […]

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Why Go Greek: Carly Franceschino

“Coming into my freshman year, I was really nervous being at such a big school. I didn’t want to get lost in thousands of people or be considered  a “number.”  I wanted to find a way to make Penn State feel like home. I never thought that joining Greek Life would open as many doors […]

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Why Go Greek: Maddy Gist

  “I decided to go through recruitment fall of my freshman year because my best friend I met in summer was and had so many great stories of her family in Greek life.  I knew it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people and become a part of the largest women’s organization […]

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Why Go Greek: Marisa Howley

  “When I first joined a sorority, I had no idea how much of a positive impact it would have on my college experience. My sorority has pushed me to realize my potential as a leader and given me so many opportunities for growth. Most importantly, however, my sorority has given me my best friends […]


Why Go Greek: Abby Renko

  “I graduated from high school with a class of about 70 people, so having a large friend group was never really an option. I joined a sorority to meet new people and make friends to share my college experience with, but I never imagined everything else being a Panhellenic woman would give me over […]

2015 Sorority Recruitment Guide

Use this as your guide to all things Panhellenic! From terminology (PNM, Pi Chi, oh my!) to what to wear for Preference Day, the 2015 Sorority Recruitment Guide has it all. Remember, the last day to register for Fall 2015 Sorority Recruitment is August 25 at 5 p.m.!