Informal Recruitment

Informal Recruitment will open January 13th, 2020. If you are interesting in one of our associate chapters sign up here.

What is Informal Recruitment?

Informal Recruitment, also known as Continuous Open Bidding (COB), is a process that sororities engage in outside of the the primary (formal) recruitment period. During this process, a sorority will offer bids to women in order to reach chapter total (the largest size a sorority can become through recruitment). It tends to be more casual and unstructured than primary recruitment. Each sorority operates on their own COB schedule, so there is no standardized time frame when all sororities are recruiting new members during informal recruitment. The best way to find out if a chapter is participating is by checking our website, sorority chapter social media, or by emailing the chapter president. If you’re interested in sorority membership and a chapter invites you to a COB event, you should consider attending. If you missed out on formal recruitment, this is a great way to try and find a sorority at Penn State.

Please reach out to our VP for Membership Mackinzie Keefer at, with any questions you may have.


In order to participate in recruitment you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • At least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Completed at least 14 credits at a Penn State campus OR 27 transfer credits OR be classified as an adult learner by Penn State
  • Not be subject to any pending or active conduct violations
  • Attend a Sorority and Fraternity Life Informational Meeting


Will be announced in late August to early September.