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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Associate Chapters

Penn State’s Panhellenic Council has three Associate Chapters: Omega Phi Alpha, Phi Sigma Rho, and Sigma Alpha. These chapters offer the same benefits as the other Panhellenic chapters at Penn State including a sorority floor in the Greek Village at South Halls, participation in THON, Homecoming, Greek Week, all other Panhellenic sponsored events, and an opportunity to join a close-knit sisterhood. Below are a few frequently asked questions.

What does “Associate Chapter” mean?
The term “associate” simply means that these three organizations have national organizations that are NOT part of the National Panhellenic Conference.

Do I have to register for Formal Recruitment to rush one of them?
No. Since the three associate chapters are not affiliated with the formal recruitment process, you do not have to register or pay a fee to participate in our recruitment. All three associate chapters have different recruitment processes, therefore the dates for recruitment may vary for each chapter.

What are some differences about an associate chapter?
The biggest difference is in chapter size. Each associate chapter varies in size, but all three are generally smaller than the average Panhellenic chapter. Also, each of the three associate chapters has a specialty; Omega Phi Alpha is a National Service Sorority, Phi Sigma Rho is a National Sorority for women majoring in engineering and science technology, and Sigma Alpha is a Professional Agricultural sorority. Aside from that, all three chapters must abide by the same rules as the other nineteen Panhellenic chapters.

Are there any requirements for being in an associate chapter?
Each chapter has it’s own requirements which you will learn about during their recruitment process. However they each also have a specialty. Omega Phi Alpha looks for girls who are interested in community service and sisterhood. Phi Sigma Rho is interested in women who are enrolled in the College of Engineering or are studying an engineering/engineering technology major at Penn State. Sigma Alpha encourages women pursuing careers or that have an interest in agriculture; however they are not required to be in the college of agriculture. If you have any further questions about the requirements for these chapters, feel free to contact their recruitment chairs with the information listed above.

Where can I learn more information?
All three chapters will present during Recruitment Orientation this Spring, and will also participate in open houses. In addition, each chapter has their own website where they will provide additional information about their chapters and what makes them unique.

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