Greek Sing Fundraisers and Slideshow!

Be sure to attend the Coldstone Greek Sing fundraiser this Tuesday, October 16 from 5-9pm!! Here is the link to the Facebook event-

Slideshow info:

Participants in Greek Sing can receive shout-outs that will appear in a slideshow before the performance on December 3, 2015 on the big screen on the Eisenhower Auditorium stage.This is a great opportunity for friends and/or your sorority to feel recognized and appreciated for all of the hard work they have done.  If you are interested in making a shout-out for Greek Sing, please design a powerpoint slide recognizing the organizations or individual members that you want to honor.  You can include pictures, quotes from the movie that they are performing, and personal messages.  Have fun and get creative!  There is no limit to the number of shout-outs each triad can receive.  Completed shout-outs can be emailed to Amanda Wajert ( by Friday, November 20.  The cost of each slide is $5 and can be dropped off to Carly Franceschino’s mailbox in 218 HUB.

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