Check out our new position, VP for Wellness!

Created by our very own Executive Vice President, Maddy Gist, this position focuses on issues affecting women including sexual assault and violence, mental health and awareness and more. As the largest women’s organization on campus, we feel this position is needed to promote girl power!

Here is the description:

The Vice President for Wellness shall:

a. Represent Panhellenic on the Sexual Violence Awareness Roundtable
b. Represent Panhellenic on the Mental Health and Awareness Roundtable
c. Serve as a facilitator for Greeks Care
d. Plan and execute Women’s Empowerment Week (spring)
e. Plan and execute Wellness Week (fall)
f. Plan and execute programs each semester regarding women’s issues
g. Work closely with CAPS and the Women’s Resource center as a liaison for the Panhellenic community
h. Work with Stand For State to coordinate chapter involvement and serve as a facilitator
i. Serve as a resource for Panhellenic community members to discuss and explore women’s issues.

Click here to apply.


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