Primary Recruitment Registration is Closed

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Registration for our 2024 Primary Recruitment will open at a later date.

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Steps To Register:

  • Create your introductory video for recruitment. Remember, videos will be watched by each sorority chapter and will be your first impression. Scroll down for the guidelines.
  • Then, you will need to register on Campus Director! Please watch the video linked at the bottom of the page for a step-by-step guide on how to register.
  • If you are ready to start your application on Campus Director once registration opens, the link will be here. The last day to register for Primary Recruitment will be announced on this page as soon as we know!

Since the Panhellenic Preview Round will be taking place completely asynchronously, potential new members will not be directly meeting with sororities. In addition to an application, potential new members will be required to create a short video to allow chapters to get to know them better. Please see the following guidelines for video submissions.

Mandatory Introductory Video Guidelines:

  • Videos should be a maximum of 3 minutes
  • Videos should only feature the PNM
  • You may only submit one video
  • Backgrounds should be neutral—this does not mean you have to stand in front of a blank wall, but it should not be distracting
  • No props should be used
  • PNMs should not hire a third party to produce, film, and/or edit the video.

For the chapters to learn more about you and your values, please answer the following questions in your video:

  1. State your full name, hometown, year, and intended major/minors.
  2. Which of your values are most important to you? How do you incorporate your values into your life? How would you bring these values into a sorority (or group of friends/club)? 
  3. What qualities do you possess that a sorority would benefit from? Can you think of an example where you used those values? 
  4. What do you hope to get involved in within your future sorority? What are you currently involved in?
  5. In the remaining time, choose any of the following questions to answer:
    1. When do you feel most like yourself?
    2. What are you passionate about?
    3. What extracurriculars are you involved in and why? 
    4. What or who makes you laugh the most and why?
    5. If you had a week to do anything you wanted what would you do?
    6. What is the best piece of advice you have received and who gave it to you?
    7. What motivates you to work hard?
    8. What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment thus far?
    9. Tell us about a person, quote, or experience that inspires you.
    10. What is something you have always wanted to learn more about?
    11. Tell us something about yourself that someone might be surprised to learn.
    12. How would a friend or relative describe you?
    13. Tell us anything else you think we should know about you!

Penn State holds a values-based recruitment. Chapters hope to see how your personal values coincide with the values of the Panhellenic community and your future sorority! 

Try your best to ensure the content in your video is helping the sororities learn about you as quickly as possible. Getting past the small talk and showing what makes you different will help the sororities see if your values fit theirs in the short video setting.

All sororities will be watching your videos and making their selections the same way that you will be. Penn State utilizes a mutual selection process, meaning sororities will see how you match their chapter as you picture which chapters you could see yourself in simultaneously. Sometimes, the chapter sees how you match their values and notices you before you notice them. 

Please ensure you are being your most authentic self and are highlighting what makes you different. Being yourself will help chapters help you! 

Panhellenic wants to ensure you can end up in the best place for YOU! The questions below are intended to touch on aspects that sororities look for to make educated decisions. Important topics for chapters include; your qualities, interests if you would like to be involved, and of course, your values! 

Video Tips:

  • If filming from your phone, hold your phone sideways
  • Check that your audio is clear before submission
  • Topics 1-4 highlight areas that chapters tend to look for when making decisions about their new members. If one of the topics in 1-4 means more to you than another topic, please spend more time talking about it! We want you to talk about things you are passionate about! 
  • Please do not spend more than 30 seconds of your video discussing where you are from or school in general. Sororities want to get to know YOU individually. Try to move past the surface level, small talk topics as quickly as you can. 
  • If any other topics are more important to you, feel free to talk about them. BE YOURSELF! Use the questions above to ensure that you are discussing your values, but be creative if you believe there are other ways to express them. 
  • Look presentable! Wear a casual outfit (sweaters, nicer tops, cardigans, jean jackets, etc.).
  • Be you!

Need Ideas?

  • Question 2 Idea Starters: 
    • Examples of Values: loyalty, intelligence, creativity, respect, love, personal development, strength, adventure, honesty, communication, encouragement, leadership, balance, courage, support, compassion, patience, gratitude, humor, happiness, harmony, self-respect, growth, etc. (Educational Website for More Ideas HERE)
    • Prompts: 
      • When I look for friends, I look for people who are…
      • Each day I think about how I can better communicate etc. … 
      • I want to be around people who are…
      • I try my best to be…
      • Growing up, I always surrounded myself with people who were…
      • At Penn State, I gravitate toward people who are
  • Question 3 Idea Starters:
    • Examples of Qualities: hardworking, outgoing, leader, good teammate, communication skills, caring friend, honest, responsible, sense of humor, etc.
    • Prompts:
      • My friends would describe me as… one example is…
      • One of the most meaningful compliments I received was…. After I…
      • My family thinks of me as…
      • In friendships, I work hard so my friends feel that I am…
      • When I meet the new girls in my chapter, I will show them…
      • One quality I hope to bring back to my chapter is…
      • I am currently involved in… I use ____ skills to be successful
  • Question 4 Idea Starters:
    • Examples of Involvement: president, vice president, setting rules/standards, mitigating risk, recruitment, teaching new members, homecoming, communications, public relations, housing coordinator, being a great big/little, greek sing dancer, THON work, philanthropy, community outreach, planning sisterhood events, attending bonding sessions, any leadership position, being a great friend, spending time with sisters
    • Prompts:
      • In my future sorority, I hope to get more involved in…
      • The most important part of being a sorority is… And I hope to help by…
      • I am not sure exactly what positions and committees I want to be a part of yet because…
      • Although I am unsure what leadership position I would be most interested in, I know I want be a part of…
      • I hope to help my sorority by…
      • I am currently involved in… 


Watch our YouTube videos walking you through the registration process step by step!