Recruitment Infraction Report Form

This form is to be used by Potential New Members, Pi Chis, Sorority Chapter Members, Sorority Advisors, Overall Recruitment Team Members, and Fraternity & Sorority Life Staff to report recruitment violations and infractions during 2021 Panhellenic Council Primary Recruitment. All submissions are confidential and will only be reviewed by the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life Staff, Panhellenic Council President, Panhellenic Council Vice President for Standards, and the Overall Recruitment Team.

Please click here to access the Recruitment Infraction Report Form. 

12 thoughts on “Recruitment Infraction Report Form

  1. If I have a job and have to work two days out of the week would I still be able to pledge?

    1. Yes you definitely could! As a new member there are a lot of events you need to go to so you would need to tell your executive board which days you have work and the events you have to miss! After your new member period (First 8 weeks after bid day) you will have more free time.

  2. Hi! I’m an incoming freshman at PSU and am wondering what is my first step towards pledging?

    1. Hi Brenna, the link to register for recruitment opens July 11th so look out for that! For now, you can look through the chapter pages and Recruitment info to make sure you’re ready for rush in the fall. Let us know if you have any more questions!

  3. Hello! My statement of concern is location. The campus I will be studying at is Fayette, the Eberly Campus. I was wondering how far would recruiting be from my campus? I really want to pledge and I don’t want distance to stop me!

  4. I was wondering if I’m taking some online classes at the main campus am I still allowed to participate for recruitment. I understand the comment above says you have to go to the Main Campus but are the rules different since I’m taking classes online rather than in person? Thanks!

  5. I’m an incoming sophomore and really want to rush this year. I planned to last year but was too busy from the beginning of the semester. I am worried about my GPA and that it won’t be high enough to be able to rush (below a 2.5). I didn’t do that well first semester. I was really sick all throughout the first semester and struggled with my work, etc. I don’t want the sororities to think I don’t care about my studies, because they are a top priority to me. I know above it talks about the GPA requirements, but I just wanted to double check just to be sure I am able to participate. Thank you!

  6. I also have a question about the GPA requirement since I didn’t do that well first semester, similar to Meg’s question. Thanks!

  7. Hello I have a question about formal recruitment! I will be working during recruitment as well as classes, are there any certain days I shouldn’t work, or times I shouldn’t work past so I can make it to all of the recruitment events? Thanks!

    1. Hi Aurora! Our schedule is posted under our Primary Recruitment page! If there are any times in that schedule that you will have work or class, just make sure to fill out our Conflict form with the dates and times you have conflicts!

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