Legacy and Sponsorship Information

A legacy is an immediate family member of an initiated member, generally sister or daughter.  Some sororities also recognize grandchildren, step-sisters, and step-daughters. In order for chapters to know if you are a legacy, be sure to indicate that your are a legacy on the recruitment registration.  

If you are not technically a legacy, you might have a sponsorship form or letter of recommendation written on your behalf from an initiated sister that you know. For example, if your very close family friend was in a sorority you are not technically a legacy. However, depending on your relationship, you may be very familiar with a certain chapters values and an initiated sister might want to make a Penn State chapter known of that. Legacies can also send in sponsorship/recommendations if they so choose!

Recommendations are not required by any means and will not negatively impact your sorority rush experience. Please refer to the individual chapter’s page here, where you can find their President’s contact information. Please forward any sponsorship or letters of recommendation to the appropriate chapter so they are made aware of your connection to that organization.