Why Go Greek?

Sorority life offers a multitude of benefits and Penn State Greek life is unlike any Greek system in the country. Whether you are looking for leadership opportunities, a way to get involved and leave a mark on the Penn State community, a family away from home, or friendships that will last beyond your four years at the university, there is a reason to Go Greek for everyone! Penn State is one of the largest Panhellenic communities in the country with 17 sorority chapters and three associate chapters totaling more than 4,000 women. Greek life is a gateway into making your Penn State experience everything you want it to be. There are countless ways to get involved and do good for the community. No matter what sorority you end up in, you are guaranteed to make lifelong friendships, have the opportunity to participate in everything that Penn State offers, and create memories that last forever. While it is impossible to list every reason to Go Greek here a Penn State, we try to sum it up in the following ways:


  • Sorority members take part in many sisterhood activities, retreats, and social events such as theme parties, cookouts, formals, and dated functions.
  • Sororities offer a bond of friendship so unmatched that it can only be called a sisterhood.
  • Being part of the Panhellenic community helps build friendships with women in other sororities and truly shows what it means to be a Panhellenic woman.


  • Sorority women have consistently scored above the all-women’s academic average.
  • Career development programs are sponsored for Panhellenic women. Each year a Greek faculty reception is held where sorority women and fraternity men are able to honor appreciated faculty members.
  • Sorority women in their sophomore and junior years have the opportunity to join the Order of Omega, a national honor society for Greek members who exhibit outstanding academics and involvement in the Greek community.


  • Each February, Penn State Panhellenic sororities join with fraternities of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) to sponsor the IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, (THON) the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. Over $100 million has been raised to date to support the Four Diamonds Fund, which helps children with cancer.
  • In the Fall of each year Panhellenic sponsors Greek Sing, a fund-raising event for the Gayle Beyers Scholarship Fund. These scholarships go to Greek women who exhibit outstanding leadership and involvement.
  • All Greek Councils come together in the Spring for a fun filled week – Greek Week. Contests, games, and fun take place all week long, awarding points to placing teams. Money raised during the week goes to The Aids Project.
  • In addition to the Greek Community as a whole, Panhellenic sorority chapters also have individual philanthropies that they support throughout the year, such as various medical foundations, childhood research centers, and much more! To learn about each chapter’s national philanthropy, you can find it listed on each chapter’s information page.
  • 2018 marked the fifth year for the Panhellenic Day of Service, where women from all sororities volunteer together for different projects on and off campus.


  • Greek Life offers members the chance to develop leadership skills by holding various positions in the chapter, within the Greek Community, or even on the Panhellenic executive board.
  • Panhellenic and IFC co-sponsor the Greek Leadership Conference. This event is devoted to educating chapter officers. Often, sorority and fraternity national officers and alumni will also attend.
  • Sorority women have held leadership positions in campus activities ranging from University Student Government President to Captain of the Penn State Women’s Volleyball team, and everywhere in between.