Tips for Success

Formal Recruitment: Tips for Success

  • Be yourself. Do not adopt a new personality just because of recruitment! Each chapter has its own personality and women that could be the perfect fit for you. Sororities are interested in the real you. Be yourself!
  • Keep an open mind. When you receive your schedule back from your Pi Chi’s at the beginning of each round, you may receive a schedule different from what you ranked during selections. Don’t get discouraged. Each sorority has their own unique members and values, and you will surely find the true fit for you.
  • Manage your time wisely. While the week of Primary Recruitment can be an exciting and intense time, women who manage their time will find the week much easier than those who do not! Remember to allow enough time for your meals, homework, and sleep during recruitment.
  • Ask about values. When you join a sorority you are becoming a member of a lifetime sisterhood. Don’t be afraid to ask about the morals and ideas of the chapter to see if they resonate with what you find important.
  • Ask about finances. Do not be afraid to question the financial obligation of joining a sorority. Feel free to ask your Pi Chi, as well as sisters in each chapter.
  • Ask about housing. Living on the floor is a huge part of joining a sorority, so be sure to ask each chapter what their expectations are.
  • Get to know other women in your Pi Chi group. During Formal Recruitment, you will have the opportunity to meet many wonderful Greek women, as well as the other women going through recruitment with you. These other potential new members might turn out to be your new sisters, or they might join a different chapter and you’ll see them at many Greek community events over the next few years. Having friends in other chapters is a huge part of being in a sorority.
  • Stick with it. At times recruitment may seem stressful, but have fun with it! This is an opportunity to meet hundreds of great women.