Why Report Hazing?

Hazing is detrimental to individuals, to your chapter, and to the Greek community as a whole. There is no reason that someone should be allowed to make another person or group of people feel humiliated, inferior, or physically or mentally hurt.

As a result, you should always report hazing when you see it. At Penn State, we strive to give chapters the tools to change the way they operate and view the new member education process. We will make every attempt to change what is happening within a chapter before eliminating it. Therefore by reporting hazing, you are giving chapters the tools to stop hazing.

All contact information, including name and email addresses, will be kept completely confidential throughout the whole mediation process. You will never be personally mentioned. We only ask for this information because we need to ensure that a) no person or chapter is making up lies about another person or chapter because of anonymity and b) to ensure that we have accurate facts before proceeding in the mediation process.

If you or someone you know is being hazed, report it today!

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