Recruitment Registration and Recruitment Fair

Primary Recruitment Registration will open on October 1st! We will also be holding a Recruitment Fair on October 2nd in Heritage Hall in the HUB from 7 PM – 9 PM. We encourage women considering participating in Primary Recruitment to attend this event so that they can begin to meet our 16 National Panhellenic Conference chapters as well as our 3 associate sorority chapters. Please look at our ‘Recruitment’ tab for more information regarding Primary Recruitment.

Women’s Empowerment Week

Hi everyone!

Monday, April 26th marked the beginning of Panhellenic’s Women’s Empowerment Week for 2018! Throughout this week we would like to emphasize the unity between our strong Panhellenic women. We have several events taking place throughout the week, all focused around women empowering women. We believe that by supporting our members and their interests that we can continue to cultivate a positive and caring community centered around women and their incredible strengths and abilities.

Happy Women’s Empowerment Week!