Apply to be on the Overall Recruitment Team!

If you are interested in getting more involved with the formal recruitment process this is the perfect opportunity for you! As a member of the Overall Recruitment Team you will be assisting the Vice President of Membership, Molly Kenny, with all things recruitment. Members of the team will have to disaffiliate during the time of recruitment (this is not the same as a Pi Chi). Applications close Friday, March 31st at 6pm! Contact if you have any questions.

Overall Recruitment Team Application

Women’s Empowerment Week is here!

Women’s Empowerment Week is not just something for the Panhellenic community, but something for all of us. This week will consist of multiple events to bring awareness to this topic, including a guest speaker and self defense class. We hope you will consider attending the events and help us shed light on such an important issue! Look out for free goodies (including laptop stickers and stick-on phone wallets) at Thursday’s event!